More positive emotions, healthier life

The overall health of an individual depends heavily on mind's well being and good emotions, as I have written in my books. As a naturopath I present people with paths of emotional balancing, to rediscover the joy of our own emotions.

simona vignali naturopath emotional balance natural remediesYour way to a joyful life

The sessions of emotional balancing are pleasant and relaxing, and positive effects can be felt since the very first meeting. Greater self-confidence, being assertive and positive, building better relations, enjoy freedom from panic, anxiety, depression, stress and tension.

The first treatments are aimed at a general re-balancing of physical, psychlogical and emotional states, building a very stable and positive life energy. In the meetings that follow, I address body disorders along with emotional unbalances.

Normally the process is developed in cycles of three months, enough time for the body to find and maintain a new balance. As I often say, one cannot expect the health restoration being complete within a few weeks, especially when solving problems that have been persisting for many years.

6 tips for happiness

  • Live in the present. We live too often with our mind wandering between past and future. The first one generates depression and remorse, the latter creates anxiety and panic attacks. Both keep us from enjoying the present, seize the day and live with serenity.
  • Think positive. Life is indeed full of tough situations, but your thoughts - not what is around you - can make you happy or unhappy, lively or depressed.
    We create our own thoughts, they are not created by external world; what we feel is always related to what we think. Never forget that we are the masters of our mind and not its slaves.
  • Trust your own feelings, they are the barometer of the thoughts. When we feel sad, it is actually our system warning us, telling us that we are thinking in the wrong way.
    Truth is, the best ideas come from clear minds of those who know how to take a break, look outside the window, create a space of mental silence before going back to their activity. This surely grants better results.
  • Know your emotional states. There are many reasons for the mood to change: hormonal sudden changes, immune system, fatigue, stress, even the weather. Even when we feel good and everything seems to be all right the mood can get worse affecting our job, relationships, and everything else. Then, right in the middle of the crisis, when problems seem overwhelming, suddenly the sun starts shining and we get back to the top. 

    This happens to everybody, but the important thing is to recognize our dark mood and do not react upon it, do not make decisions and do not involve other people in our own negativity.
  • Focus on the solution rather on the problem - no problem has no solution. Focusing on the problem means nourish it, making it huge and constantly living with what is wrong. Thinking about of the solution, we enter into the good flow of thought generating solving actions. The solution often comes when we put aside the problem and keep our mind free and open.
  • Try to change yourself before the others - most of us deploy great time and energy trying to change others. It 'a waste of time. It is better to accept that every person is different and we can only change ourselves. In this way there will be peace within and around us.