My natural health is coherence.

When I speak about my experience, I do not only refer to the fact that I have been dealing professionally with natural health for more than 20 years. Of course this makes a difference compared to those who have been involved in wellness just for a few years or a few months only because it has become trendy. I have studied and practiced for decades and met with hundreds and hundreds of people to whom I mainly taught how to live better, healthier and happier. With great results and satisfaction.

I also refer to the fact that I actually do what I say and preach, always. Before proposing some natural remedy or strategy experiment it on myself and my family; healthy and natural food is my daily diet, so I know what I'm talking about and what it means to take care of ourselves naturally.

The experience gained over the years allows me to understand what is the real need and the real cause of the problems of people, often connected to life experiences and habits both behavioral and alimentary and to give simple and practical tips, which makes a difference.