Holistic Beauty Care® the secret of real beauty

Holistic Beauty Care® is a natural way of taking care of personal beauty. The acheivement of beauty is obtained through the knowledge of yourself and your personal needs, so you may choose wich treatments, natural cosmetics, lifestyle and nutrition habits can be best for you.

simona vignali estetica olistica naturopaticaA natural way for a complete beauty

According to the Holistic Beauty Care® concept that I have created, if health depends on many factors, lincluding one's state of physical, mental and psychological balance, then also beauty may depend on the same factors.

Our society is constantly pushing aesthetic to the extreme, so it is a challenge for women - and men too – to re-discover the pleasure of taking care of their look in a natural way, respecting their body and the environment.

The "Modern Handbook of Holistic Beauty Care" adresses these needs, going through the basics and subtelties of beauty care, for women and men.

Holistic Beauty Care®: both natural and modern

Holistic Beauty care® describes the most natural, recent and effective trends in the beauty industry including phytocosmetics and cosmeceutical for body and facial treatments, natural essential oils for hair care, nutrition and naturopathic detoxification for body care, Ayurvedic beauty treatments for a complete beauty supported by holistic wellness.

Holistic Beauty Care®