Regain health and well-being with Naturopathy

simona vignali naturopata milano venetoFifteen years ago when I started this job, they asked me if I was "Neuropathic". Promptly I answered - no, I'm Naturopathic.

Today, especially in Milan, it is trendy to have your personal naturopath. I smile, and I think that in the end - fashion aside - it's a good thing. I have always worked with doctors and thought that every person should have a trusted  naturopath to understand the natural strategies to live healthy lives full of energy and positivity..

Funcional Integrated Naturopathy®,
natural remedies, holistic practices

I focus on health, well-being, better performance at work, in sports  and with personal relationships. I listen to the stories of people's lives and connect their daily routines to their health discomfort.

With the natural remedies I offer solutions to many problems, the most common are swollen belly and constipation, heaviness and swelling, fatigue and lack of energy, sleep disorders, skin problems. Because I love the logical and systematic way, I based my system of natural health on a method called Functional Integrated Naturopathy®, which provides reliable results. I've described it in my book Handbook of Modern Naturopathy.