Taste revolution in natural cuisine

Vegetarian cooking lessons are a great opportunity to learn a new approach - focused on well-being, simplicity and good taste - and share experiences on food and nutrition. This mixture - made of teaching and sharing - can really uplift nutrition to a real resource for our health.

simona vignali video corso cucina vegetariana bio naturaleSince not everyone can cook well and not everyone can explain well, we are two persons leading this class: Serena cooks and I explain. The opposite would be a disaster.

Before cooking in a natural way, a few things need to be understood. First, the effects of food inside us, because we are a big chemical laboratory - then the way digestion works and how to make it better.

When we digest better and eat food that gives us energy, instead of tiredness or heavyness, we really feel light and vibrant. It's a priceless feeling.

Vegetarian: health and taste at the table

In our courses we use organic vegan ingredients, so no meat, fish, eggs and milk. Course attendants are always surprised for the delicious lunches and original dinners, the variety of recipes, from aperitif to dessert, and the pleasure and satisfaction received from this food.

Natorpathic Cooking course

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