Healthy food? Conscious food! Naturopathy and nutrition for healthy food habits

Thanks to mass-media and internet, information about nutrition are easily found; then why does nutrition remain such a common problem? Simply because having nutritional information is not the same than having nutritional skills - and such skills are vital to plan a food style leading to health and wellness.

simona vignali naturopath ayurvedic cookingThe right questions

There is an old saying: "The intelligent man knows how to answer all questions, the wise man knmows how to ask himself the right questions." Speaking about nutrition, I believe today we are overwhelmed by countless answers and exposed to infinite information.

For this reason, learning how to ask the right questions is quite useful to obtain real benefits starting from what we already know. Regarding food and diet, Functional Integrated Naturopathy ® can establish a logical path, a guide towards everyone's personal right questions - not just add something new to our society's "already said" ranks.

Health, nutrition and lifestyle

Among various factors influencing individual health, the most important two are the genetic heritage and lifestyle habits. While the genetic inheritance cannot be changed - as most scientists agree - the lifestyle habits depend completely on us and are strictly connected to nutrition.

Food transforms the body

Food determines the biochemistry of the body, affecting directly the formation and the functions of organs, the quality of energy and the thoughts and emotions we experience. It may be useful to understand why we prefer a certain type of food instead of another, and what determines such decision. It would be interesting to inquire what we precisely experience when we eat certain food, beside the simple gratification. Although the enormous achievements of medical science, why does global health not improve?

Industrial nutrition

When food industry was not developed, the choice of food was based on instinct and senses: taste, smell and tactile perception. Food lacking good taste, good smell or good consistency was simply avoided. Today it is no longer possible to chose using senses: food is "made up". Its taste, smell and consistency are altered with true aesthetic interventions aimed to irrationally raise food's visual appeal, a component otherwise futile, compared to the past.

Eat healthy, eat consciously

Since we cannot trust our alimentary instinct anymore, we need new consciousness and attention built on information. Furthermore, nutrition should adjust to changes in requirements, age, stress, and overall health. Every day we eat several times; if we understand that we inevitably become what we eat, we can no longer accept to become unconscious parts of food industry experiments. Functional Integrated Naturopathy ® offers a clear view of this new approach, so that buying food and daily diet become an appointment with the delights of health and freedom. It's just a matter of asking ourselves the right questions.

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