Integrated Functional Naturopathy®

My exclusive system or health care.

simona vignali naturopata milano la professioneI have been studying Naturopathy and training in the field of bio-natural disciplines for over 20 years. I have selected over time the techniques and approaches that I have personally verified to be the most effective, and created a system called Integrated Functional Naturopathy.

It 's very close to a scientific approach, so it can be feasible to anyone who wants to take care of health in a natural, measurable and verifiable way.

I work with several doctors who send me their patients for an integrated approach. They  know that the kind of Naturopathy  I propose is very technical, I do not talk about  "invisible energies" but I work on the body, I promote the elimination of toxins and the rebalancing of the organism, the remineralization and supplementation of deficient nutrients, the reorientation towards food and proper style of life.

Naturopathy - here is no limit to feeling healhy, so why settle for a poor health? Naturopathy is a natural but fast way  to take care of health and optimize the state of well-being.

Integrated Functional Naturopathy®, a scientific method

I created the Integrated Functional Naturopathy® more than 20 years ago, to give a rigorous approach to this fascinating discipline. I have been working very hard also for its divulgation, to help people know and appreciate Naturopathy, too often confused with herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine.

Being a naturopath

Being  a naturopath in Milan means - above all -being able to listen to people and understand their  needs. In many years of practice, in Lombardy and Veneto, offering naturopathic advicrs in Milan proved to be one of the most interesting challenges: in the stressful and hectic lifestyle of this city it is complicated to find natural remedies for health problems, and also to find creative ways to integrate Naturopathy into daily lifestyle.

Applications of Naturopathy

Integrated Functional Naturopathy® can treat successfully all common disorders and ailments such as flu, nausea, cervical pain, premenstrual syndrome, aches, asthma and so on. It is also very effective against skin disorders such as psoriasis, and disorders of the intestine and colon like gastritis and colitis.

Natural naturopathic remedies

The Naturopathic remedies are also well-being treatments, such as Hydrocolon Therapy, and Chromo therapy, Massage therapy added to herbal medicine, plant extracts, Bach flower remedies and other natural remedies. The specificity of  Integrated  Functional  Naturopathy® lies in the philosophical approach.  It is primarily focused on  prevention and maintenance of health - a valuable asset to be preserved - and not just a simple accessory that will be recalled when you are losing it.

Prevention is better than cure.

Nutrition - There is no alimentation plan or a diet that fits all, indistinctly. For this reason I have created custom programs according to the situation, the habits and the needs of each person.

Naturopathic Nutrition

What is the healthiest diet? First, let's make a distinction between diet and nutrition: the letter involves consciousness and the will to make culinary choices towards personal health. As a Naturopath and nutritionist, I developed a nutritional approach inspired by Naturopathy: food is the “medecine” consolidating body and spirit's health and allowing longlasting results.

Being a Nutritionist Today

Industrial foods brought immense damages to the overall health of western contries: obesity, diabetes, heart deseases, ictus, cancer... The fast food culture replaced the health food culture. So, as a Nutritionist, today my job is to educate people once again towards wellness through food, with simple food combinations that helps weight loss, energy, body shape.

Diet is Dead, long live Nutritional Style

Diet are bound to be broken, as I often say. Many peoples' lifestyle prevents them to follow any strict or rigid diet, let alone calories counting! For this reason, I developed a nutritional method: with this approach everyone can collaborate to his or hers wellness, achieve specific goals, and have a flexible “diet” wich is the perfect balance between taste and health.

Nutrition and sport

Physical activity is the key not only for wellness, but also to have some sweet treat from time to time without worrying too much. The combination of sport, nutrition and food supplements can activate metabolism and physiological functions and lay the foundation to a new, long lasting, all-natural health.