Spazio SoloSalute®

Spazio SoloSalute® is my Naturopathic Center in Milan, located in the heart of the vibrant shopping district in Porta Venzia area, across Corso Buenos Aires, at walk distance from the city center and the Railway Station.

At Spazio SoloSalute® you can book a naturopathic, nutritional or ayurvedic medicine consultation with me, as well as receive from my professional staff some the most effective and exclusive wellness treatments in Italy. From Ayurvedic Touch® Method ayurvedic treatments, Colon Purity® colon hydrotherapy, to Holistic Aesthetic® beauty treatments, every aspect and procedure is part of a method I developed in more than 25 years of experience, and of course, all 100% natural.

SIMA Ayurvedic School

Founded in 1994, after an inspiring trip to India where my Ayurvedic Master gave me the task of spreading true Ayurveda in Italy and western countries. But he did give me another task: to make this ancient science undersandable and viable to western people. I am still wondering wich one was the hardest.

SIMA is the acronym for School of Integrated Modern Ayurveda, and that's what it is all about. I developed and clinically tested Ayurvedic Touch® Method for the same purpose, and I and my staff proudly teach the benefits of Ayurveda and ayurvedic massage during every course of the school.