Naturopathy, stress management and natural remedies

Stress is the body response to an excessive stimulation from the surrounding environment. When stress persists over time, our body consumes a lot of energy and becomes weaker, therefore stress symptoms may gradually become disorders and deseases.

simona vignali naturopath stress management natural remediesWhat is stress?

Strengthening the body with natural supplements and healthy practices can reduce the impact of stress. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Stress and the general adaptation syndrome as a nonspecific response to any request (demand) from the environment. (1975, Hans Selye).

It has been proved that stress weakens the nervous system and alters the body natural internal environment, overloading all organs with ongoing super stimulation. If stress lasts longer that the body capacity to recover, the whole systems start to weaken.

What are the symptoms of stress?

The main symptoms and disorders induced by stress can be headaches and migraines, colitis, gastritis, hair loss, nausea, anxiety, depression, irritability, decrease in performance, concentration problems, memory faults, decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, difficulty to attain sexual pleasure and orgasm.

The causes of stress may be variuos and different. Every situation has a stress potential, for example working conditions, relationships, health, financial situations, weather, climate changes.

How to manage stress?

The body responds to stress with biochemical and hormonal alterations. It is forced to subtract nutrients from internal tissues trying to maintain a normal balance.

An effective strategy to prevent stress and reduce its effects is choosing a balanced, varied diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole cereals, and limiting junk food, alcohol, tea, coffee. 

Sport is a great resource against stress. Practicing sport on a regular basis increases the immune system, relaxes the mind, allowing to drop the tension in a positive way.

What can Naturopathy do against stress?

I have developed the Integrated Functional Naturopathy® system for everyone with an effective, easy and usable approach to heath care based on a naturopathic vison.

Thanks to the "Handbook of Modern Naturopathy", you can use the strategies of the Integrated Functional Naturopathy® to reduce your stress. 

The first step is helping the body resist stress, choosing the right and appropiate foods and remedies. Starting from my personal experience I have drawn a selection of natural remedies against stress, especially against the side effects of stress like IBS, irritation of the intestine and colon, colitis, gastritis, headaches, nausea, anxiety, depression, lack of energy, lapses in concentration, sexual disfunctions.

Stress and Naturopathy

Supplements for stress symptoms

Stress and tensions, both internal and external, alter the body functional rhythm. Therefore it is necessary to make an integration based on vitamins and minerals. It has been proved that a regular intake of dietary supplements improves the overall stamina and reduces the risk of diseases.

Naturopathy Functional Integrated® against stress

Stress management goes through several stages, but – especially when it comes to health – one shuld never rely on do-it-yourself. Prevention and health care must be customized according to physical constitution and personal predisposition. Thanks to Integrated Functional Naturopathy® it is possible to understand personal needs and create custom protocols against stress.

Stress and Naturopathy

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