Bring time back with a massage... when you receive and practice!

Ayurvedic massage Ayurvedic Touch® is a structured and comprehensive method that gives you well-being through massage. Based on the knowledge of Ayurveda, it allows the practitioner to adapt every treatment to the person's needs.

simona vignali video corsi ayurveda massaggio ayurvedico"Ayurvedic Touch®" is the massage that I teach in my school, a unique technique that gives benefits both to the practitioner and the receiver. It could sound strange, but the ayurvedic massage is truly a practice of total well-being, for both people involved.

The person practicing the massage, at first prepares the body with a mild stretching and then prepares the mind in a pleasant silence, with aromatherapy of natural flavors and meditation, remaining focused on the treatment and regenerating himself.

Above all, he lives the "here and now" experience, because - unlike most of common situations - during an Ayurvedic Touch® massage the body, the mind and the emotions are united in the same place. That is the true ayurvedic massage!

Ayurvedic massage and profession

Illuminating ... Apart from these pleasant aspects, learning the Ayurvedic Touch® Ayurvedic massage is an excellent work opportunity, being Ayurveda the most popular massage in Wellness centers and Spa: it relieves stress, reduces physical tensions, soothes pain, and improves the functions of body and mind.

Simple, rhythmic, regular and geometric movements allow the Ayurvedic Touch® treatment to be properly adapted to all ages and any physical constitution, with benefits for the whole body, mental attitude and emotional well-being.

Courses and Benefits of Ayurvedic massage Ayurvedic Touch®

Ayurvedic massage Ayurvedic Touch® can not replace medicine or a specialist, but it is a valuable instrument for the treatment of back pain, neck pain and joint movement restrictions, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, physical and emotional discomfort.

The benefits of the Ayurvedic Touch® ayurvedic treatments are many. As mentioned above, it induces a deep relaxation. The macro and micro movements received during a session are a light therapy for the nervous system. The stimulation of skin's nervous terminations reduces pain perception and improves muscular tone.

The good sensations perceived during a session makes a good impression in the conscious and unconscious mind, with benefits in the short and long term.

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