The Bach Flowers in Naturopathy: resolve emotional disorders

Integrated Functional Naturopathy® offers various types of natural remedies to achieve wellness and natural health; Bach Flowers help to settle emotions, resolve stress, inner tensions, anxiety, and depression.

fiori di bach naturopatia simona vignaliHow do Bach Flowers work?

Bach Flowers therapy does not work directly with the physical condition, but on the states of sorrow, apprehension, mistrust, fear, irritability, that underline body's affections. The psycho- emotional disorders, even the simple ones, if lived every day contribute to the origin and development of physical illness.

The floral therapy action on the emotional sphere helps determinate the cause of the disorder. Since emotions are subtle and delicate, a natural remedy to cure them must ahve the same subltelnes, such as Bach Flowers floral infusions.

The discovery of Dr. Bach

Dr. Bach identified 38 flowers to treat the more common negative mental states, and grouped them into seven broad categories with subdivisions: apprehension, indecision, loneliness, lack of interest in reality, hypersensitivity, discomfort and excessive concern for others.

These flower remedies are ideal for anyone who wants to heal itself.