As a Nathuropatic doctor when I'm asked to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, emotional blocks, I suggest Chromoson® tratments. Chromoson® therapy offers positive and lasting results.

chromoson cromoterapia musicoterapia energia stress naturopatiaChromoson treatments for holistic wellness

Chromoson® is the ideal natural solution to achieve an optimal mental and physical balance, and it is suitable for a very wide range of applications. 

Chromoson® improves body functions and emotional stability, tso he result is a better quality of life.

Who can benefit from Chromoson® therapy?

Treatments of Chromoson® therapy (a blend of chromotherapy and sound therapy) are recommended for professionals, sportsmen, students who want to improve performances and for those who want to improve their well-being at all ages. It is useful for almost everybody, see below:

  • Professionals, for stress and fatigue
  • Students, for concentration and memory
  • Athletes, to optimize strength, performance and recovery
  • Elderly, for the cells regeneration and against pain
  • Children, for a balanced growth of body and personality
  • Convalescents, for a more rapid recovery and lasting health
  • People with imbalances of health, both physical and emotional
  • Cases of tension, stress, panic, for the harmony and serenity of the mind

Chromoson® is useful for all those who wish to achieve and maintain well-being, harmony and health. More than ten years of practice have shown that Chromoson® therapy treatments are a real opportunity for the individual to achieve an optimal state of health and psycho-physical balance.

Those who wish to take this all-natural path, should be equipped with a spirit of cooperation and perseverance. Then the results will come easily.