Definition and purpose of the Hydrocolon Therapy

The hydrocolon therapy treatement is a real resource for personal well-being, providing a deep purification. Thanks to colon cleansing it is possible to solve various problems, such as bloating, constipation, colitis, swollen abdomen.

simona vignali idrocolon e dimagrimento naturaleThe hydrocolon therapy is a natural hygienic practice that removes all the waste and toxins from the intestine.

It is more and more necessary because even a regular intestine that evacuates every day, constantly accumulates food wastes.

And nowadays the refined and industrial food, once ingested turns into a sticky material, hostile to the intestine and very difficult to eliminate.

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10 Rules for an Healthy Colon

10 simple good habits for everyday life to achieve
and maintain intestine and personal wellness.
You can start adopting one habit, or all of them,
the important thing is that you take care
of colon and intestine. So... have a nice well-being!

  • Listen to your body and intestine, they know their needs and limits: respect them!
  • Protect and nourish your intestine and colon with probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Remember: the intestina flora needs a stable and lasting balance
  • The first step for well-being is a careful, conscious, healthy and balanced nutrition.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! In between meals is better.
  • Check for allergies and food intolerances and always inquire about  ingredients of the food you eat.
  • Physical exercise means health, also for the intestine.
  • Stay away from stress and give yourself a relaxation break every day, it will help your intestine.
  • Get informed and use natural remedies whenever possible
  • Practice colon hydrotherapy every two or three monts.

Toxin accumulation in the colon

There are many toxins that get accumulated in the intestine, and they have interesting names such as cadaverine, putrescine, phenol, skatole, hydrogen sulphide compounds, butyric acid and others. The problem is that, if they are not expelled in time, they get absorbed by the intestine itself and released into the bloodstream. The consequences are an excessive workload and a slow down of the excretory system; an overload of toxins that permeates organs, muscles, joints, skin, connective tissue; a constant action from the immune system to neutralize this wide range of toxic substances. The significant amount of work done by the body just to maintain its balance requires a lot of energy that turms into physical tiredness and lack of concentration.

Candida and fungi? The cause is in the intestine

The proliferation of various kind of mycosis, such as fungi, yeasts and molds takes place in the colon environment, when it is toxic due to fermentation or putrefaction of food waste; the harmful byproducts released are themselves absorbed through the intestinal villi and poured into circulation.

This dangerous yet common process is called self-intoxination. It creates many problems, including permanent bloating, chronic fatigue, dull skin, skin problems, mood and concentration disorders.

Hydrocolon therapy alone can deeply cleanse the intestine and remove these residues, since chemical or natural laxatives cannot remove hardened and dry residues and give new life to the bowels.

The causes of intestine and colon disorders

The conditions leading to poor or inadequate intestine functions are unfortunately very frequent. Here is a list of the most important factors reducing intestine natural functions:

  • a diet poor in fiber and rich in refined products;
  • harmful substances such as pesticides, additives, antioxidants and preservatives;
  • prolonged states of physical or mental stress;
  • large use of antibiotics, cortisone and chemical laxatives;
  • laziness and sedentary life;
  • poor fluid intake during the day;
  • haste;
  • unnatural work schedules.

Hydrocolon Therapy: an ancient treatment, a modern vision

Colon hydrotherapy represents the technological evolution of a common treatment that can be traced back in traditional cultures: Chinese, Hindu, Egyptian, Islamic, Greek, European. In the latest decades it has been included in a new, natural approach to health. Hydrocolon therapy specifically removes wastes and toxins that can not be eliminated by normal bowel functions.

A session of colon hydrotherapy or colonic wash

Hydrocolon therapy is performed with an irrigation machine, it is painless, safe and completely aseptic. The person lies comfortably for the entire treatment. The device and the person are connected with a tube and a rectal cannula, delivering a water flow, both inward with clear water at a low, gravity-driven pressure, and outward flushing away the melted fecal material.

The treatment is performed by a therapist operating the flow controls and performing a light abdominal massage to facilitate the elimination of wastes and stimulate intestine reflex points. The light but constant pressure of water activates the cleansing process in the descending, transverse and ascendant colon, wich normally can not be reached with a home enema.

How many treatments are necessary for a complete purification?

The protocol for a basic, complete cleansing requires six to ten sessions, one per week; to maintain the benefits, it is recommended a treatment every change of season. The deepest cleansing, with a discharge of most consistent fecal material, happens usually after four or five treatments. Caution: for a complete cleansing do not perform a single, isolated treatment and do not wait more than one or two weeks between each session.

The feeling of lightness, freshness and relief felt after each session cannot be compared with any other treatment. And the benefits and results are immediate!

Hydrocolon therapy