fegatoposizione fegatoThe liver

The liver is the largest gland in the human body. It is located right behind the last seven or eight ribs. It is brown colored and weighs an average of 2,2 pounds, but its volume and weight adapt to the changes in body size. The liver performs many different functions: during digestion, like producing bile; storing sugars; regulate blood clotting, As a part of the depurative system, the liver filters the toxins absorbed in the small intestine.

Naturopathic vision of the liver

The liver is considered by Naturopathy one of the main excretory organs, for its depurative function of filtering toxins and unnecessary substances.

Naturopathy explains that liver functions are slowed by several factors including alcohol, tobacco, drugs, excess of fats, pesticides, toxins and chemicals preservatives.

For the liver to work at its full capacity, a balanced diet and proper rest are fundmentals. When the liver is not working, the first visible signs are on skin and hair. In fact, the sudden loss of hair is often related by a weakening of liver funcionality; Naturopathy can be use effectively to restore its functions and give skin and hair a new healthy look.

Psychosomatic interpretation of the liver

In the psychosomatic view, the liver is the target of repressed anger.

Liver disorders affect people retaining anger, passive against adverse situations; when the rage and emotional conflict aren't expressed, these forces turns to the liver, harmfully.

According to the psychosomatic vision, liver disoders strikes when someone has difficulties to coordinate and connect the events of his life, one with the other. In these cases, the best remedy is to give up criticism and judgment, to stop having a self-assured attitude, and to lighten the internal frustration.

Symptoms of liver disorders

The symptoms of liver disorders are weakness, heaviness after meals, nausea, flatulence.

A particular symptom is jaundice, which indicates a congestion of the liver that leads to a bile reflux in the blood, with a yellowish color of eyes and skin.

Natural Remedies for Liver

Natural remedies for the liver are designed to ease its work and facilitate its functions. 

Good ways to help the liver are avoiding:

  • fried foods
  • pork
  • dairy products
  • fats
  • alcool

To restore hepatic funcions, consume vegetables and fruits, juiced carrots, beet and greens; practice regular short fasts, perform enemas with chlorophyll and water or brewed coffee.

The liver regenerates itself with the heat. Before going to sleep, stimulate it with a deep self-massage of ten minutes, then apply a poultice of heted castor oil for ten minutes and then hot water bag when you go to bed.

In addition to natural liver remedies, to be customized according to the disorder, it is recommended a very specific diet and adequate rest.