Naturopathy is the shortest and more direct way towards health

Functional Integrated Naturopathy® is a rigorous system to recover and maintain health in a natural way.

naturopath online consultation simona vignali naturopathThe consultancy of Naturopathy is not a simple whim, nor a superfluous luxury.  Today to consult a professional and prepared  naturopath   is a fundamental necessity for the prevention and the maintenance of health.

The "Natural System of Health" is the operating approach of the Functional  Integrated Naturopathy® that I have personally created together with a doctor that I consider "illuminated", that is to say open to the messages that do not just  originate from the official science.

He is a dermatologist, therefore every day he witnesses the interactions between skin and inside organs (liver, intestine, kidneys) or outside events (nutrition, stress, emotions).  He was already prepared  for  the experience of Naturopathy ; and moreover he carries  my surname, or rather I carry his-  since the person I am referring to is my father!

Integrated Functional Naturopathy®: a rational method

The Integrated Functional Naturopathy® is a rational and analytic method that respects the science of life and nature, structured for prevention, protection and recover of health with approaches, methods, tools and technologies that are exclusively natural. Like  every other system, Integrated Functional Naturopathy®  has a starting point: the knowledge of the meaning of "health".

Integrated Functional Naturopathy®: the vision of health

Most of the people when asked  to define health - an essential but much misused term - answer in a quick and superficial way: to be healthy means not to be sick, to be healthy means not having any disease, feeling good means not feeling bad.

This type of reply cannot actually satisfy anybody,  it's reductive and describes  just what health is not. Health is instead a state of fullness, vitality, totality that includes body, mind, emotions and the  expression of oneself  in the society.  Now we can we understand that the Integrated Functional Naturopathy® in its function of "optimization of the health" is really necessary to everybody!

Integrated Functional Naturopathy®