Discover natural strategies against stress

Stress is body's response to an excessive and unnatural environment. To reduce stress, Naturopathy suggests to act on breathing, feeding and inner relaxation.

stress solosalute combattere i sintomi dello stressNatural supplements for stress relief

To stand stress symptoms without altering body's complex balance, Naturopathy reccomends a daily intake of vitamins and minerals supplements.

Many medical researches have shown that regular consumption of dietary supplements improves body's resistance and reduces the risk of diseases.

Once the stress has taken its toll, the restoration process goes through several stages; the important thing is to not improvise with do-it-yourself, because prevention and health maintenance should be supported by a professional's esperience, like a Naturopath.

Stress is a response to the surrounding environment

Many stress symtpoms in today's society are normal responses to an abnormal environment, body's reactions while trying to stay healthy inspite of the insane demands of a unnatural society.

For Naturopathy, personal discomfort is the result of adapting to a collective discomfort; thus the only "cure" would be a total change of life and environment. Such a radical change is rarely possible and the only viable strategy is to adopt counter-measures in lifestyle and nutrition and rely on natural plants extracts and wellness practices.

Managing stress with breathing

The accellerated pace of everyday life causes an acceleration of the autonomic nervous system (particularly the sympathetic nervous system ), leading to fast breathing, ustable thoughts and lack of self control.

Breathing is the only autonomous function that we can consciously control; slowing down the rythm of breathing, activates the balancing action of the parasympathetic nervous system.

With breathe is it possible to calm down the autonomic responses and, to some extent, thoughts and emotions; this gives grat benefits in term of inner peace and self orientation.

Here is a technique to obtain a total relaxation through breathing.

Anti-stress relaxation exercise

  • Prepare you evironement to avoid distractions:light, clocks, phones...
  • Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed
  • Close your eyes and let go
  • Begin to breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically through the nostrils
  • Inhale slowly, effortlessly and without haste and mentally count up to 4 , 5 or 6, as it is more comfortable for you.
  • When the inhalation is complete, hold your breath for a moment.
  • Exhale slowly through your nose. The exhalation should have the same duration of inspiration.
  • When the exhalation is complete, hold your breath for a moment.
  • Take at least 20 deep breaths, then relax and enjoy a total relaxation of body and mind for at least 7 minutes before doing anything else.