Food and nutrition

simona vignali nutrizionista corsi cucina naturaleIf I want to help people regain their health and shape, I can not ignore the food they eat. In my system, random alimentation becomes conscious alimentation. And eating, ie swallow food, becomes nutrition, ie select the food as needed.

The transition is not difficult, you just have to understand and know the difference, only to discover that nutrition is even more enjoyable than eating because it offers the satisfaction of long-term results, not just the immediate gratification of eating what attracts you in that moment, no matter what the effects are.

Manual of Modern Naturopathy

Nowadays everyone is talking about industrial food... I personally wrote about it in my last book Manual of Modern Naturopathy several years ago. I explained what it means to follow a vegetarian or vegan alimentation. I described the strategies to eat healthily even when you live in difficult conditions, working and eating out every day, even when the offer of places is restricted or repetitive.

By following my method many people have found fitness and wellness, got rid of swollen belly and digestion difficulties. They found out that the alimentation affects the concentration and performance at work and in the office. Eventually, with the right method it is possible to be a good nutritionist even in Milan.