A path for everybody to true wellness

simona vignali consulente benessere salute naturaleIn this professional role of mine I speak to companies or individuals working in the field of wellness. It 's a growing and expanding industry because people, especially if they work in Milan and in large cities, look for the true well-being and they need it to regenerate themeselves.

Today people are very demanding, looking for real results. So even the Health Club and Spa have the very same need - that is offering true comfort with real results instead of a generical and non cuurent well-being.

The strengh of the results

Today people are willing to attend health centers and invest in their wellness, as long as it helps in dealing better with stress and the inevitable daily grind. We need specialized treatments and courses, such as those offered in my SoloSalute Space® in Milan.

Since I'm not jealous of my theoretical and practical knowledge, I make it available to those who want to succeed in this area by spreading the true well-being for people. I also created and patented two particular models of spa, perfectly replicable, one is called Pharma Spa® and is dedicated to Pharmacies provided with the cabin for treatments, the other is called Ayurveda Spa® and is dedicated to Spa who want to have a better Ayurvedic characterization.